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Sydney local Benja Harney is fast becoming the Australian sensei of paper engineering. His one-man operation ‘Paperform’ has risen from the humble kitchen table to create works for brands such as Hermes, Smirnoff, Telstra, McDonalds, Comm Bank, Yahoo and Kylie Minogue to name a few. But what on earth is a Paper Engineer I hear you ask?

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From an outside perspective Graz, DJ / Sunglass Designer, would appear to have done things the hard way, but ask him yourself and he’ll tell you he’s simply “responded to the need of the time”. At age 15 an “undesirable situation” forced him to leave home and school but rather than fall into a life of mediocrity, he was determined to do something more. Blessed with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, an eye for design and a deep passion for music, he started his first business making graffiti / dance culture T-Shirts aged 17, before spotting a hole in the boutique …

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Shannon Crees

Shannon Crees is a street artist who swapped her life as a fashion designer to pursue a career in art and quickly got her break spraying canning for Banksy’s Murals Festival. Sydney born and bred, she has since collaborated with other doyens of the street art scene (Deadbeat Danny and Pure Evil), has own mural in the inner west and has exhibited widely in Sydney, as well as featuring in exhibitions in London and New York.  

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Eugene Tan

Eugene Tan has owned a camera since he was nine-years-old and been a keen surfer for 26 years, but it wasn’t until he became deeply frustrated with his day job as a corporate designer that he combined his two passions to pursue the almost unbelievable story that is Aquabumps. What began in 1999 as a hobby, shooting the surf at daybreak and then emailing his mates soon became a morning ritual. Up early … get some shots and some waves in the bag, download the goods and flick them across the ether before going on to grind out his 9-5. …

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