By 14 Dec 2011

From an outside perspective Graz, DJ / Sunglass Designer, would appear to have done things the hard way, but ask him yourself and he’ll tell you he’s simply “responded to the need of the time”.

At age 15 an “undesirable situation” forced him to leave home and school but rather than fall into a life of mediocrity, he was determined to do something more. Blessed with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, an eye for design and a deep passion for music, he started his first business making graffiti / dance culture T-Shirts aged 17, before spotting a hole in the boutique sunglasses market.

What followed was years of heartbreaking business relationships, being ripped off and starting from scratch time and time again. All the while relying on his music to pay the bills. The end result, however, is an amazing career that has made its mark with brands such as AM, Ksubi, Paul Smith, Adidas and ultimately found its true form in his own label “Graz”.



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